Our therapist will give you a consultation where time will be taken to understand what is the correct massage technique to use to help ease the particular problem you are experiencing.

  • Hot Stone Therapy Massage
  • This holistic regime relaxes and calms the body through use of basalt hot stones. The deep penetration of tissue and muscle massage, increases blood circulation, which relieves blockages and toxins from the body. This restores balance, harmony and positive energy that delivers a sense of well being, thus increasing the healing process.

  • Theraputic Massage
  • This treatment is an intense deep massage, which targets areas in the body that have produced problems due to intense stress, illness, injury and anxiety. A complete consultation with the clients' history is compulsory with this treatment, to ensure a holistic blend of essential oils to accommodate each individual.

  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • A lighter tissue massage using a variety of quality essential oils to help initiate relaxation, calmness and an inner peace with oneself. It helps destress the body and relax the muscles in a less vigorous but more soothing way.

  • Indian Head And Body Massage